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Introducing the rearmost invention in particular item shadowing and vehicle connectivity the Tap & overlook device. This compact yet important contrivance is designed to revise the way we keep track of our things and stay connected with our vehicles in any situation.   

Imagine now having to search for your keys or handbag again frenetically. With the Tap & overlook device attached, you can detect your particulars with ease using your smartphone. Simply open the accompanying app and spark the device to emit a signal, guiding you to its exact position. But the Tap & overlook device offers further, than just item shadowing. 

It seamlessly integrates with your vehicle,  furnishing essential information and backing in extremities. In the event of an extremity,  similar to an accident or breakdown, simply tap your smartphone to the device to pierce vital details about your vehicle, including exigency contact information and applicable attestation. 

This instant access to critical information can be inestimable in icing your safety and easing nippy backing. also, the Tap & overlook device enhances security by waking you if your vehicle is situated in a no-parking zone. Through geofencing technology, it can decry unauthorized parking and shoot real-time announcements to your smartphone, allowing you to take immediate action to avoid forfeitures or towing.   

likewise, the Tap & overlook device enables flawless communication between you and others regarding your vehicle’s status. By registering your contact information in the app, concerned citizens can fluently communicate with you if they notice anything amiss with your vehicle.

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