Gomselmash Self-propelled Maize combine harvester KP-4 "PALESSE MS4" is designed for harvesting corn cobs in the stage of full ripeness of grain with moisture up to 25% with the following technological operations:

- cut stalks with chopping and scattering leafy stalk around the field;

- separation of cobs from stalks, cleaning of cobs from wrappers, collection of peeled cobs in a bunker;

- separation and collection in the bunker of free grain isolated from a pile of wrappers, scattering of wrappers across the field.

The combine harvester can be used on fields with a slope of not more than 8º, on all soils, except mountainous areas, areas with soils of high moisture and low bearing capacity, in temperate climates at temperatures from minus 5º to plus 40ºС.
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