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Welcome to VascuWave, the ultimate FDA approved medical treatment for people with erectile dysfunction. We are a team of medical professionals and researchers that always try to find great solutions to medical issues such as ED.

Thanks to doctors Michael J. Dattoli and Joseph M. Kaminski, we created a one of a kind treatment designed to offer all our patients the efficiency and value that they always needed. Our treatment and device is named VascuWave, and it’s the accumulation of thousands of hours of research. This is an FDA approved, patented device designed to harness the power of acous
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tic waves in order to help you treat erectile dysfunctions quickly and with great results.

What makes our treatment revolutionary is that this is the first device that helps you use such an acoustic wave medical treatment at home. Until this point, acoustic wave tech was available only at the doctor’s office. VascuWave makes things simpler and more convenient, all while bringing in front outstanding solutions that you can rely upon.
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P-2 Raghuvanshi Estate
11/12 S B Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013

Please get in touch:
Brian Pinto
Country Head
+91 9930519476
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